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What is the RRIO Program?

The Seattle Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance (RRIO) program is a regulatory initiative aimed at ensuring the safety and habitability of rental housing within the city. Enacted to address concerns related to substandard living conditions, the RRIO program requires landlords to register their rental properties and undergo inspections at least once every 10 years. This program is designed to protect tenants by ensuring that rental units meet basic health and safety standards. Landlords are obligated to address any identified issues, and the RRIO program serves as a proactive measure to prevent the occurrence of hazardous conditions. By promoting compliance with housing regulations, the RRIO program contributes to creating a healthier and more secure living environment for renters in Seattle.

Seattle RRIO Inspections: About

RRIO Inspection Details

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Signing a Contract


  • $150 for single family rental homes.

  • $150 for multi-family properties and first unit, then $30 for each additional unit. 

  • Discounts may apply depending on how many units are selected.

  • *Please note the City of Seattle charges a $50 filing fee plus 5% technology fee that will be added to your invoice which I will then pay for you when submitting your final inspection results.*

RRIO Checklist

Understanding what is on the inspection checklist will ensure the inspection goes smoothly and will limit the need for re-inspections of the property. Click here to be directed to the checklist. Or you can visit the city website here for more information

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Signing a Contract

Program Details

All properties, but not all units, will be inspected at least once every ten years after they register. There is a 10 percent chance the property will be chosen a second time within the following five years for a reinspection. The percentage of units to be inspected depends on the number of units on a property. Properties with multiple units require an inspection of 20 percent of the units and the exterior and common areas. Properties are randomly selected or may be selected because of past rental housing violations. RRIO will issue a notice of inspection to the owner in advance of the required inspection. The property owner will have at least a 60-day window to complete and pass the RRIO inspection. Property owners will receive a RRIO Certificate of Compliance after the property passes the RRIO Checklist inspection. The Certificate of Compliance must be completed by the inspection due date or enforcement action may be taken by the City.

Proactiveness Pays Off

By voluntarily having your property inspected, you will remove your property from the random selection pool for 5 years.  This can save you time and money by knowing exactly when your inspection will be at a time that is convenient for you and your tenants. All aspects of the inspection will remain the same, and units will be chosen at random by the City.

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